Help with Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem is a debilitating condition where the sufferer is unable to acknowledge positives about themselves, leaving them feeling unworthy and incompetent and therefore unable to fulfill their own potential. For example, if you think ‘I’m unlovable’ or ‘I’m useless’, then you’re likely to feel inadequate or inferior as a person.

Symptoms of Low Self Esteem

The most common symptoms of low self esteem are:

  • Inability to make decisions
  • Trying to be perfect and failing
  • A sense of shame
  • Inability to cope with criticism
  • Self critical thinking
  • A sense of being undeserving
  • Constant worrying
  • Not caring about physical appearance
  • Self isolation
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Feelings of being disempowered
  • Feeling incompetent
  • Self hatred

Treatment for Low Self Esteem

The most effective treatment for low self esteem is a talking therapy, which will provide a clear framework for understanding how the problem developed and what keeps it going

How Equilibria can help

Your therapist will create a safe environment for you to explore your feelings, thoughts and beliefs about yourself and others, how they all interact and maintain the cycle of low self esteem. Your therapist will then encourage you to try out new behaviours allowing to observe/monitor the results and make changes that will allow you to challenge your beliefs about yourself

What happens after treatment

On discharge or shortly before you will be invited to attend our support group so that you never need to feel that help is not at hand or that you’re facing this alone.