Group Therapy

At the heart of Group Therapy is the idea that human beings are fundamentally social beings, who spend their lives with other people in one way or another.

One's habitual ways of relating are often reproduced in the group setting. This gives the group the opportunity to examine and understand the difficulties that arise, and this in turn allows new more productive patterns of relating to emerge and be established.

Participants start getting a real sense of how they are experienced by others through feedback from, and interaction with other members.

Participants can discover that despite their differences, other group members have had similar kinds of experiences to themselves, and this tends to reduce the sense of isolation and shame.

The Groups meet on a regular weekly basis with a group therapist and each group session lasts two hours. Our Groups are limited in numbers with new members joining the Group when spaces become available. Group Therapy costs £120 per session, and the therapy fees are paid after each session.

The group is a structured space and programme in which participants are encouraged to speak about their lives and difficulties, as well as to engage with and respond freely to others. Strict confidentiality is maintained regarding the exchanges that take place within the group.

The groups we currently offer are;

Anxiety Management - a psycho-educational group which helps participants to understand the nature of anxiety and to learn the techniques which help to manage it.

Self Esteem - a psycho-educational group which aims to help people develop healthier self esteem.

Assertiveness - a psycho-educational group which explores the differences between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviour and helps participants to behave in a more assertive way.

CBT - a therapeutic group which focuses on the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and encourages participants to challenge their unhelpful thoughts and behaviours in order to lead a more functional life.

Future groups will include;

  • Self Awareness
  • Anger Management
  • OCD
  • Psoriasis Support
  • Chronic Illness Support.

Please let us know if you are interested in any of these groups by sending us an email or contacting us by telephone.