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Eating Disorder Service

We all experiment with change of diet and preferences. Certain foods are associated with emotions and we all know what our ‘comfort foods’ are. Eating in company is central to society, birthdays, special occasions, are typically associated with celebration meals. Enjoy meals with family and friends is often taken for granted as many of our daily routines are time tabled around the meal ties, we all therefore have an emotional, social and behavioural relationship with food.

Such associations with food can be highly problematic and distressing if you have an eating disorder. This description congers up images of Anorexia Nervosa which is a strict pattern of behaviour designed to lose weight and Bullimia Nervosa which is a pattern of binge eating followed either by restricting intake or purging. However increasing awareness and understanding would suggest that there is often a mixture of the two. Eating disorders also include overeating and weight management issues.

Here at Equilibria we offer an outpatient service provided by a multidisciplinary team that works with eating disorders, developing a personalised recovery plan that supports not just the sufferer but carers and family members.

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