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Child & Adolescent Therapy

A child or adolescent who experiences worry, phobias, difficulty sleeping, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, shyness, a loss of confidence or eating disorders can present with distressing and sometimes confusing behaviours that families find overwhelming and upsetting. An anxious child will often present as quiet and compliant, often going unnoticed as they struggle in silence with their concerns, until an event may affect their coping skills and other behaviour become evident. Every day events such as changing school, loss, bereavement, a change in peer group etc can all affect a vulnerable child.

Overcoming these difficulties involves not just the child or adolescent but the family. Working as a team to develop and reward coping skills and brave behaviours role modeling and exercise is a way forward.

At Equilibria we are able to offer age appropriate interventions that help a child and family overcome their difficulties.

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